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Business has changed

The era of disruption has been accelerated by the latest events, with growing uncertainty for many brands and especially multinational companies. In these challenging times, harnessing new technologies, adapting to changes in consumer behavior, and acting on emerging trends is vital for both success and survival in any industry.

Today’s consumer is faster and more demanding than ever before. While the consumer has rapidly embraced new technologies and devices into their everyday lives, the multinationals have been slow to react, and that caused the opening of the Digital Gap.

Miguel Machado

About me

I’m a Digital Transformation and AI entrepreneur. I have more than 20 years of experience in multinational CPG, startups, and agency. I had rollercoaster ups and downs in my life, but I have always been driven by challenge and value creation.

My mission is to create companies and teams that can be changemakers and deliver agile solutions that generate solid growth through a broad understanding of business, consumer, and technology.

Together with my business partner Xavi Cortadellas, we created The Keenfolks and a new market Category Digital Gap Management®. With a great team, we are disrupting the advertising and Consultancy markets delivering an Agile transformation to multinationals.

I hunt for innovation, business transformation, and ROI, but I´m eager to learn, share my lessons, and inspire others. That was my drive to change, take risks, fail, and win. And that is what moves me to continue my path and leave a legacy for the future.

¨The only way to transform is helping people to change”

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